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While working in the Best Buy mobile & digital experience team, I was approached by the designers working on the 2013 ipad app to provide some concept designs for a rich-navigation interface.

One of the challenges was building consensus among the diverse groups of stakeholders as to what this app had to achieve in terms of business goals, industry perception and resource availability. In order to help the business team visualize what the possibilities were in relation to their respective pay-offs and trade-offs, I developed a series of interaction decks communicating the spectrum of potential applications based on the technological landscape of that moment. This we would then modify as we received feedback on feasibility and business priority. The result was accelerated buy-in on design approval together with a shared understanding on product feasibility and implementation which allowed us to move the product forward beyond what would have been possible otherwise.

Touchscreen App GUI concepts
(part of a team of 3 UX designers - work shown is my contribution)

Best Buy


People at Best Buy said

  • Alfonso is an inspirational UX/Ix Designer with strong work ethic. I have learned a lot about LeanUX, design, usability, and the creative process from working with him. He pulls from a mix of instinct, user intuition, and keen eye for what works. I’m sure we will see many great things come from Alfonso in the future, he is a rock star!

    Evelyn Quinn Product Leader
  • Alfonso has been a joy to work with. His intense passion for UX has helped to drive our group forward. The vast experience that he’s brought to our team has been invaluable in helping us elevate our work to new levels. He’s also shown a great blend of creativity and work ethic in driving our clearance digital experiences and several internal systems forward. On top of that, he’s driven some quick turn concept work that’s helped us better communicate with the business. His talent and experience have made him an invaluable member of our UX team.

    Greg Bro Managed me at Best Buy & worked with me at Slalom
  • Alfonso is the real deal: a UX designer who actually listens to users and crafts experiences that cater to their needs, an Agile collaborator who moves fast and enhances the work of everyone on his team, and a hilarious motherf***er who’s a joy to work with. I’ve personally partnered with him on projects ranging from micro-interactions to enterprise-scale content management systems, and I can tell you: if you want a creator who can think big without missing the details, you’re going to want Alfonso on your team.

    Nathan McIntyre UX Architect, Best Buy
foxor5Alfonso’s Portfolio: Best Buy iPad App Navigation Concepts