Acist Responsive Design

Acist manufactures a proprietary CVi Contrast Delivery System that is a major player in the field of high-tech surgical equipment. CVi simplifies contrast injection and provides responsive, single-handed control of contrast flow, offering a comprehensive range of built-in safety features that facilitates seamless integration into modern interventional practice and demonstrates clinical and financial benefits.

In the era of smart electronic devices, Acist’s digital properties were not adequately supporting the needs of an industry leader in this arena of sophisticated technology.

Consultations with internal subject matter experts led to the development of personas and user scenarios. This, in turn, helped generate the schematics that informed the final user experience strategy. In addition to this, an in-depth study of Acist’s business communication needs in contrast to their existing online presence and brand styles revealed how the image of the company could be presented with a more contemporary feel and user-friendly feel.

Although the client was initially presented with a responsive design option, this concept was abandoned in favor of a multi-site approach. It was fairly obvious that in the case of Acist the customers needed different types of content served on different platforms.

Responsive Site
(Visual Designer, took over from preliminary UX phase initiated by a previous contractor)



Testimonials from Happy Customers:

  • Alfonso has some of the most innovative and technically sound interactive creative work I have seen to date. He is passionate and sincere about design. His work is thoughtful, highly creative and he makes the most appropriate use of emerging technology. He is a loyal and humble employee.

    Kathryn Duncan Managing Partner at CLICK Talent
  • I had the pleasure of placing Alfonso at Martin Williams. His energy, passion for interactive, sense of humor and dedication to his work is outstanding. I would highly recommend Alfonso for other interactive positions and would entertain the opportunity to work with him again.

    Jessie Novey, PHR Sr. HR Business Partner at C. H. Robinson
  • Smart designer, great attention to detail, great member of our team.

    Aaron Kirscht Senior Copywriter at Target
  • Alfonso excels at growing design teams - he is able to find talented people and has the knowledge and care to help build their skills.

    Brandon Anderson Director of Proudct. eCommerce at Bluestem Brands
  • Alfonso is one of the best designers I’ve ever met. He’s got a knack for creating something that looks great, and meets the business objectives.

    Jason Grey CTO
  • Alfonso joined my team as a freelancer to help us in time crunch. His even, calm demeanor was perfect for the time crunched project and the creative work was top notch. He’s got a very fresh design sensibility, very international in flavor; and he’s a skilled animator. I’d gladly hire him again if I had the opportunity.

    Lance Thornswood VP, Omnichannel & UX at US Bank
  • Alfonso’s design sensibility, creative energy and social finesse lend him to be an industry leader/innovator.
    Alfonso’s design expertise is well seasoned and mature. Truly a keystone creative.

    James Schneider Jr. Was Creative Director at Target
  • Alfonso is an amazingly talented and conscientious lead designer who has always brought a high degree of excellence and introspect towards his work. Alfonso's design leadership and attention to detail was a linchpin for the many successes we had with the Target corporate experience and its ability to elevate the brand overall.

    Leo Padron Product Designer, Entrepeneur
  • Alfonso is creative, smart & extremely talented. On numerous occasions he brought ideas to the table that no one had considered. He thinks beyond just what looks right, or what works right. He’s excellent at seeing the big picture.

    Tim Pekarna Lead Product Owner at
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