2007: Target Job Application System, Online & In-store


If you go to a Target store today andsit in front of one of those kiosks they have for people to submit a job application, you will be interacting with JAS v 5.0. When I started working at Target their Job application System (JAS v4) was cumbersome, old-fashioned, confusing and was only available in kiosks. Candidates that wanted a job that was not store-related had to find their way through a completely different system online hosted by a third party vendor. As senior art director I was given the task of leading the visual design aspect of the project and ensuring brand consistency throughout. I worked very closely with the UX firm that we brought to lead the experience design and we collaborated for a year touching base very frequently. Once they delivered the final wireframes I then designed the visual layer and lead the front-end implementation through launch.

As part of my responsibilities as art-director I also lead an initiative to create a modular alphabet of iconic symbols that could combine endlessly to illustrate any job position or job area, existing or to be invented. In addition to this, icons offer the advantage of not looking dated in years to come as photography does, saving on budget and effort.The modular icon set I commissioned from a local illustrator to reflect these myriads of different job areas earned a 2008 AIGA design award.