2009: Target Corporate Site



Target Corporation has a huge site to host its non-commercial face. All of the company’s news releases, investors information, corporate responsibility report, community involvement initiatives together with Target’s huge career opportunities portal (one of the largest in the country) are channeled and served through the Target Corporate Site. I was the creative lead and design director of the redesign that launched 2008 after two years of hard work, constantly changing teams and long hours. It’s still in use today, with the company adding only very minor tweaks to refresh and update content regularly. 

The new site elevated the Target online brand and consolidated 6 former content categories into four more streamlined main sections, served in turn by four different back-end systems each with several layers of approval in six different stakeholder groups. As creative lead for the interactive Core Brand department, I supervised the in-house design team together with two different external agency teams. I was also main liaison with the UX department to ensure design was facilitating the meet between business objectives and users goals and needs. 

In addition to this, I developed and carried out the vision for various rich media immersions to strengthen Target’s recruiting brand and raise awareness of career opportunity areas formerly overlooked buy previous campaigns. look for jobs in stores, but also offers great excellent career opportunities in corporate headquarters and distribution centers. See videos at the bottom of the page showing interactivity with, first the corporate site, and second one of the aforementioned immersions (a dive into the Target workplace called “Target: Where We Work”). These experiences continue to be used by Target to this day.