For Best Buy

Greg Bro: Senior Manager, Mobile & Digital Experiences

September 2, 2014

“Alfonso has been a joy to work with. His intense passion for UX has helped to drive our group forward. The vast experience that he’s brought to our team has been invaluable in helping us elevate our work to new levels. He’s also shown a great blend of creativity and work ethic in driving our clearance digital experiences and several internal systems forward. On top of that, he’s driven some quick turn concept work that’s helped us better communicate with the business. His talent and experience have made him an invaluable member of our UX team.”


For Capella University

Steve Scofield: Senior Manager, Online Experience

March 29, 2014

“I hired Alfonso as a consultant to come in and work on some complex data visualizations. There was no design precedent set prior to his involvement and the data was very complex. Alfonso created the groundwork and initial concepts that grew into a student dashboard that was eventually featured in the New York Times to explain the concept of incorporating transparent competencies into a degree plan.”


For Bluestem Brands

Sheila Oberaigner, Design Lead for

January 11, 2010

“If your company is in need of a motivated interactive leader, Alfonso fits the bill. He is very passionate and full of energy, no matter the size of project. I have witnessed his ability to motivate and infuse life into his staff. Solid Creative Sense + Interactive Techno-Whiz + Fiery Spaniard + Fun = Alfonso.”

Mary Hodapp, Director of Program Management

February 16, 2011

“I had the pleasure of working with Alfonso on Bluestem Brand’s e-commerce site re-design and platform migration. I was the program manager for the initiative and Alfonso was our director of design. Alfonso is an expert in his field and provided fantastic direction to a team of designers, both in house and contracted. With Alfonso’s expertise and guidance, the design team delivered a style guide and a complete set of content for the new e-commerce site on time and within budget.”

Renee Vevea, Account Services Manager for Interactive, Fingerhut Direct Marketing

December 18, 2009

“”Alfonso brings a strong background in interactive design, customer experience and usability which has elevated the multi-brand and multiple sites he oversees for creative direction. The company is experiencing increased conversion rates, higher sales and an overall better online shopping experience – much of which can be credited to Alfonso’s keen design eye. In addition, he is building an interactive team and works one-one-one with each designer, helping them build their skill sets and customer experience knowledge as it relates to eCommerce.””

Brent Westbrook, Director of Site Marketing

February 14, 2011

“Alfonso is bar-none the best Creative Director I’ve worked with. He understands the business side of Creative and partnered with my Marketing and Operations Teams to determine the optimal way his Creative Team could drive our Marketing Vision.

Alfonso is a strong Leader and knows how to balance the delicate line of allowing his team to find their way, but yet always being there to provide Creative Coaching and Mentoring as needed. I know from direct conversations with his area and each and every team member respects Alfonso as a leader and a mentor. He has a knack for building strong teams that not only want to work with each other, but also enjoy working with each other.”

Brandon Anderson, Director of Product Management

February 6, 2011

“Alfonso excels at growing creative teams – he is able to find talented people and has the knowledge and care to help build their skills. His people are very loyal to him and it is obvious that he has gained their trust and respect.”


For Target

James Schneider jr, Creative Director. Interactive Marketing

April 10, 2007

“Alfonso’s design sensibility, creative energy and social finesse lend him to be an industry leader/innovator. Alfonso’s design expertise is well seasoned and mature. Truly a keystone creative.”

Matt Lee, Development Manager, Site Production

May 7, 2007

“Strategic design, outside of the box thinking, devastating humor. An invaluable asset.”

Tim Pekarna, Product Manager, Site Display

January 12, 2010

“Alfonso is creative, smart & extremely talented. On numerous occasions he brought ideas too the table that no one had considered. He thinks beyond just what looks right, or what works right. He’s excellent at seeing the big picture.”

Leo Padron, Senior Developer

April 14, 2009

“Alfonso is an amazingly talented and conscientious lead designer who has always brought a high degree of excellence and introspect towards his work. Alfonso’s design leadership and attention to detail was a linchpin for the many successes we had with the Target corporate experience and its ability to elevate the brand overall.”

Alex Garee, Interactive Marketing Project Manager

November 26, 2007

“Alfonso was a pleasure to work with, He has a keen eye for design and innovation as well as the ability to keep pushing the limits of his projects to make sure they exceed the expectations of his clients (Which is a gift while under tight deadlines). I would highly recommend Alfonso.”

Aaron Kirscht, Senior Copywriter

February 9, 2007

“Smart designer, great attention to detail, great member of our team.”


For Martin Williams Advertising

Lance Thornswood, VP/Director of Interactive Services

April 22, 2006

“Alfonso joined my team as a freelancer to help us in time crunch. His even, calm demeanor was perfect for the time crunched project and the creative work was top notch. He’s got a very fresh design sensibility, very international in flavor; and he’s a skilled animator. I’d gladly hire him again if I had the opportunity.”

Chad Calease, Tech & Innovation Guru

March 27, 2007

“Fonz is the most well-rounded designer I have ever met, fusing his deep knowledge of mythology, philosophy, music, art and culture with design’s best practices – and he’s a hell of a guy, which comes in handy when working with a team. Wish he hadn’t left ours.”

Jason Grey, Development Manager

April 28, 2006

“Alfonso is one of the best designers I’ve ever met. He’s got a knack for creating something that looks great, and meets the business objectives.”

Susan Arens, Creative director

May 1, 2006

“Alfonso is a very talented designer. Genuinely knows how to work the computer. Quite intelligent. And he is an extremely good communicator, which is invaluable. A joy to work with.”

Brian Hurley, Art Director

April 20, 2006

“Alfonso’s good and his accent will make your knees weak.”


For Stonearch Creative

David Latour, Tech Lead

April 21, 2006

“I worked with Alfonso on a large elearning project. Alfonso brought a positive passion to the project and was a pleasure to work with. He clearly understands how to leverage the unique capabilities of Interactive. Further, his elegant designs took the project to new levels. I highly recommend Alfonso.”

Leif W Nelson, Interactive Designer

April 20, 2006

“I worked as an interactive designer under the watch of Alfonso at StoneArch Creative. Alfonso is one of the most energetic and creative individuals I have ever worked with. In the short scope of a few months I learned an amazing amount about design theory and interactive design from Alfonso. Alfonso is a fun, hard-working and intensively creative individual and a pleasure to work with. ”



Kathryn Duncan, Senior Recruiter

January 4, 2008

“Alfonso has some of the most innovative and technically sound interactive creative work I have seen to date. He is passionate and sincere about design. His work is thoughtful, highly creative and he makes the most appropriate use of emerging technology. He is a loyal and humble employee.”

Jessie Novey, PHR. Sr. Human Resources Director

November 13, 2007

“I had the pleasure of placing Alfonso at Martin Williams. His energy, passion for interactive, sense of humor and dedication to his work is outstanding. I would highly recommend Alfonso for other interactive positions and would entertain the opportunity to work with him again.”