2011: Mother’s Day on Facebook


This Facebook campaign for MoneyGram was originally devised as a bilingual initiative. Since MoneyGram’s main customer base are Hispanic users sending money back to their families, we agreed with our client that it was only fitting to communicate in both English and Spanish. But although we had been asked for initial blue sky concepts, eventually our client’s budget required that we focus only on one version and one language. Hey, it happens. So we ended up going for  an English-only campaign — but — headlined by a bilingual slogan.

Unusual as this is, it proved quite effective. “Madre no hay mas que una” is a common Spanish saying that literally means “There is only one mother” but goes beyond the mere translation to signify the uniqueness of the mother role in Latin cultures. This translated quite nicely into the English “Mom: the One & Only” and, having left the original Spanish thought conveniently tucked as a tag line, we happily set off to generate some online buzz. Once again I was creative director and lead UX for the project and since the client wanted to keep the scope grassroots and under a fairly limited budget, we concurred that the best platform to leverage was their increasingly populated Facebook company page.We created an app within the MoneyGram Facebook hub that encouraged users to submit stories and pictures of their mothers on the days counting up to Mother’s Day 2011. My work included wireframing the entire experience, solving the challenge of connecting regular Facebook photo albums and comments with the app, which was better equipped to track usage patterns, and designing the visuals with consistency to both the offline print campaign and the regular brand standards from the client.