2013: France 44 Smartphone App


While working on assignment for Mentor Mate, Minneapolis, I was commissioned to lead the experience and visual design team for this phone application for France 44, a prestigious high-end wine and cheese store from the Twin Cities.

France 44’s core strength relies on the quality of their customer service. They pride themselves in establishing personal, on-going relationships with their clients so their input as subject matter experts was essential to understanding what the experience should be.




Through a series of white-boarding sessions with the client we were able to quickly identify the best approach to translating that vision of customer care to an electronic application. Not by replacing the human interaction but by creating an extension of it through the app.




The insights obtained in those sessions were further refined into user flows and wireframes which were then complimented by a visual design articulated in effective CSS-friendly design tiles shared with the offshore development team and incorporated into the final production.