2012: ACIST Responsive Design


Acist manufactures a proprietary CVi Contrast Delivery System that is a major player in the field of high-tech surgical equipment. CVi simplifies contrast injection and provides responsive, single-handed control of contrast flow, offering a comprehensive range of built-in safety features that facilitates seamless integration into modern interventional practice and demonstrates clinical and financial benefits.

In the era of smart electronic devices, Acist’s digital properties were not adequately supporting the needs of an industry leader in this arena of sophisticated technology.

Consultations with internal subject matter experts led to the development of personas and user scenarios. This, in turn, helped generate the schematics that informed the final user experience strategy. In addition to this, an in-depth study of Acist’s business communication needs in contrast to their existing online presence and brand styles revealed how the image of the company could be presented with a more contemporary feel and user-friendly feel.

Although the client was initially presented with a responsive design option, this concept was abandoned in favor of a multi-site approach. It was fairly obvious that in the case of Acist the customers needed different types of content served on different platforms.